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Webz Exterminating is the premier Cincinnati pest control company in the surrounding area.

We are veteran owned and operated with 25+ years of experience. There is not an issue that we havent been able to control in this industry. We specialize in the heat treatment of bed bugs using the most state of the art piece of equipment in the world to properly handle any issue that may arise while providing you with piece of mind.









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Our Pest Prevention programs are designed to fully protect your home.  We will cover the interior of your home upon the initial service to address any active pests inside your home.  Our service entails multiple trips around your home on the regular service.

  • Inspection of the exterior for pests and conducive conditions.
  • Webster all reachable eaves to remove Webbing of spiders and any wasp nest that may be present.
  • Applying products to the exterior perimeter.
  • Granules outside of the perimeter to keep pests farther away.

Ask our team what all pests this service includes.

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Our Bed Bug programs are designed around safety first, always. We utilize only the top of the line products and methods for eradication of bed bugs within a structure. Our two main products are:

  • Product applications on a predetermined schedule over time
  • Heat Treatment for quick, non-invasive eradication
  • Thermal Imaging throughout the entire process to ensure even and consistent treatment throughout the structure

Ask our team which treatment method is right for you.

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Our Termite Solutions utilize trusted methods of detection and control to assure your structure is free from future damage from subterranean termites. We offer recurring termite prevention programs for long-term peace of mind. Our Termite Solutions include:

  • Interior and Exterior product applications to cure any active infestation
  • Exterior product applications and inspections to prevent future issues
  • Real Estate termite inspections, also known as WDI or WDO reports

Ask our team which Termite Solution is right for you.

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Cincinnati Pest Control that is Tailored to the Surrounding Areas Needs

Webz Exterminating is the premier Cincinnati pest control company. We are prepared and ready to handle any pest control related problem that may arise on your property. From new construction treatments to property that is well established, our wide array of services are sure to fit any need. Our services are listed out for you under the services tab. We customize our service programs to fit the need each property encounters, from structural drying to bed bugs, basic pest control to major infestations, we will inspect and provide solutions accurately.

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